How to promote your nft collection

The Non-fungible token (NFT) business is growing rapidly. According to, an average of 50,000 NFTs are sold every day, amounting to a trading volume of $136.2M. The best NFT projects sell for millions of dollars every week, with the best-selling item auctioned for a price of $69M.


If you’re planning to get into the NFT business, the right time is now. You can mint or buy and resell already minted NFTs. It isn’t easy but it’s possible with the right marketing. Below is how to market your NFT collection effectively:


Social Media


Social media is a must-use tool for digital marketers. And the explanation is simple. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—the three biggest social giants—have a client base of over three billion customers.


That’s nearly half of the world, an audience you can leverage to command attention for your NFT projects.  Twitter is arguably the best social network for NFT collectors. CEO Jack Dorsey is a massive crypto art fan: He sold his first ever tweet as an NFT for $2.9M.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a huge audience to sell your NFT on Twitter. You need a great marketing strategy to make your art collection go viral. Or you can partner with popular influencers to get your artwork to a bigger audience.


Twitter aside, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram and Snapchat are all excellent marketing platforms. You can use paid advertising to attract a large audience quickly. But for best results, combine paid advertising with organic marketing.


SEO Marketing


Do you plan to buy and sell NFTs as a business? Do you have a website? If you don’t, you’re making it challenging to sell your art. A website is an excellent platform to publish your portfolio. It also puts you in a good place to attract web traffic from Google, Yahoo and Bing!


How to promote nft on opensea


These are different ways to promote nft on opensea


1.Add your drop to the NFT Calendar: NFT Calendar is the first calendar on the market where the top NFT drops from various marketplaces are combined in one location. This is a fantastic resource for NFT collectors who don’t want to waste time hopping from one market to the next in search of the latest releases.


2. Make use of your social media accounts: Social media marketing is a fantastic method to get your name out there. If there are numerous NFTs in an NFT Collection, artists should upload them on all of their social media sites and present each one separately.


3. Create a visually appealing teaser for your NFT project: The main goal of teasers is to show what your NFT Project is about while maintaining the suspense. This type of promotion frequently piques the interest of potential collectors, encouraging them to remain tuned for further information and not miss the release date.


4. Go to the marketplace’s featured drops: Market Place also develops a page that includes the drop’s description, photos or teasers, and a countdown. Nifty Gateway publishes a weekly schedule on its website and on Twitter.