Our story begins with an ordinary lion cub that is born on a vast savannah in Africa. One day the entire pack is put to the test. Out of nowhere they are attacked by a group of poachers. Only one cub manages to escape and he has to watch from a distance how his whole pack is either captured or killed. Nothing is left and the young lion is on his own. Just when he thinks he won’t make it he sees a glimpse of what looks like some sort of oasis. He steps a little too deep into the water and suddenly starts morphing into a vortex and pulls him to the bottom. Disillusioned the lion regains consciousness and looks around. In a moment he thinks he is on what the older lions in the pack would call “The Eternal Hunting Grounds”. But the young lion quickly finds out he is mistaken, he is still alive and had just managed to discover one of the best preserved places on earth. After some months of solitude in paradise another young lion appears, and soon after another one and then another one. New lions keep pouring in, each with their own story. These lions form a close bond and make the foundation for what we know today as The Meta Lion Kingdom!

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