Slow Mo Sloth Club (SMSC) is a NFT collection of 6,000 Genesis Sloths – Handcrafted by talented artists. The team behind has diverse and extensive experience ranging from AAA Film & Games, Virtual Marketplaces and Blockchain Development.

The Genesis Sloths are divided into male & female genders which are chosen randomly by the smart contract once you mint your sloth. Having both genders will allow you to breed a baby sloth.

Breeding, staking and siring are some of the utilities holders receive. The project also uses ERC721A implementation for the smart contract, to reduce gas fees when minting several sloths.

We are giving back to our community with prize pools of $35,000 USD to whitelisted holders after pre-sale is sold out, and $195,000 USD to all holders after the public sale is sold out.

With the mission to help, the project is donating 10% of profits to foundations working towards saving endangered animals.