A collection of Pixel art for the upcoming NFTs, created by the BoxedDudes team. The BoxedDudes are 2 faces characters, each dude has a unique expression than the other. To describe the real humans and that we have diffrent views diffrent thoughts but all in one body which means that we have to accept our differences BoxedDudes is an NFT collection of virtual objects, mainly “boxes,” representing another concept of the metaverse. This is a collection of new, old, and fun ideas and plans for the Dudes to interact with the metaverse. The BoxedDudes ntfs basically come in 3 editions, each edition contains 2500 NTF assets of pixel art and 3D art of different rarity levels, diffrent traits and attributes, and they are sat to be minted randomly. The first edition come in 3 Types : 1/ 2000 Normal assets. 2/250 Girl assets. 3/250 Monster assets. 3/100 3D models among the 2500 BoxedDudes Each asset is called BODD, they were made also to represent another term of trading were each BODD is more tradable than being collected, where the collectors and the traders have to understand the idea of trading and exchanging the BoxedDude outside or inside the marketplace.